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Integral Security Xssurance Ltd (ISX) is one of the leading experts in Anti Cyber Crime.  We have a proven track record of delivering a number of Cyber security services that ensures your organisation has the necessary knowledge and information to put the appropriate protection in place, whilst complying and adhering to the ever increasing list of regulatory standards and governance.

ISX has just one mission; to help organisations manage attacks and stamp out Cyber Crime.



We have developed a set of services that any organisation, irrespective of size, location and industry sector, can use to get ‘Up & Running’ and create a secure and resilient network. For those who already have invested heavily in protection and security, we have developed an ever evolving comprehensive set of ‘tools’ that will assist with the growing concerns of Cyber threats and risks, giving you the advantage over the ‘Hacktivists’ - more knowledge and control for future risk and threats.



In today’s aggressive Cyber Landscape, Organisations are confronted with an ever evolving threat of security breaches, compromises, cyber-attacks [e.g. DDoS] and fraud.



A cyber security risk assessment is necessary to identify the gaps in your organisation’s critical risk areas and determine actions to close those gaps. It will also ensure that you invest time and money in the right areas and do not waste resources where there is no need for it.



Providing clients with the capabilities of running a monthly periodic vulnerability scan on their critical assets, with a comparison of previous reports to highlight any significant changes which could insecure security issues.

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•93% of Large Organisations and 87% of Small businesses suffered a security breach in the last year (up from 76% a year ago).*

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Russian Hackers 'Pull Ogg Biggest Data Theft'



UK forges close cyber ties with China despite 'endemic espionage'



Cyber thieves tap over £500,000 from European banks



Hedge Fund Loses Millions In Hacking Attack


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More than half a million of trusted websites vulnerable to the Heartbleed Bug Security Vulnerability.








React & Combat – imparting the knowledge you need to crush Cyber Crime - saving time, money, reputation & credibility.



























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